Alyssa P. – Khichri

I tried Veda Life Khichari based on the recommendation of a friend and I love it.  I’m on the go a lot and I can prepare a full meal, place it in my bag and eat it where ever I find myself at lunch time.  It tastes great and gives me the right amount of energy to get my job done.

Vicky S. – Turmeric

After reading about the anti-oxidant benefits of Turmeric, I tried various brands, but most were powder only and didn’t have enough cucurmin.  Finally, I found what I was looking for in Veda Life turmeric.

Mike S. – Bacopa & Mucuna

Recently, I started having trouble writing.  I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with essential tremor.  He gave me some prescription medication to help dull the shaking, but it left me feeling cloudy and tired.  After reading about the bacopa and mucuna, I decided to try them out instead.  Now my tremors have lessened and my brain is clear.  Thanks Veda Life.

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