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Ayurvedic training courses can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  At Veda Life, we want each of our customers to understand the origins of Ayurveda with this free introductory course.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Internal Medicine
  • EENT
  • Toxicology and Psychology
  • Pediatrics, Rejuvenation and Aphrodisiacs

PLUS, we are giving away a free 14oz sample of our Veda Life Organic Khichri.  This delicious, ancient Ayurvedic superfood is a perfect pairing for your Ayurvedic studies.

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For a limited time, your trial includes a free sample of our 14oz Veda Life Organic Khichri. That’s four complete meals for just $5.75 shipping.

How Khichri Works

Ayurveda teaches true health is achieved when nutrition is balanced with exercise and mental/spiritual balance. Khichri brings the basic principles of Ayurvedic nutrition at the fingertips of people who want to rid their body of toxins and restore the body to its natural state.

Veda Life’s Khichri is a vegan, gluten free product which balances the American diet, calming inflammatory problems in the tissues while simultaneously calming your mind!

Lentils are a rich source of protein and according to Ayurveda build all types of body tissues – especially the muscle tissues. Moong Dal (Mung Bean) can fill in the nutritional gaps of the standard American diet, while substantially decreasing the risk of age-related diseases, according to Life Extension Magazine’s research on Superfoods.

Spices and Herbs contain immense healing properties in Ayurvedic Science. They are high in antioxidants, prevent caner, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve memory, flush out toxins and enhance digestion. Combined with the right proportions as taught by Ayurveda, they can have a synergistic effect.

Veda Life’s Ayurvedic Khichri follows the thousands year old recommended proportions of spices, herbs, lentils and rice. We have developed this delicious dish to bring the miraculous properties of Khichri to you.

Complete the Ultimate Trifecta for a healthy mind, body and soul: Kichari (Internal), Yoga (External) and Meditation (Mind)!


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